What is DogTooth Design?

A Minnesota-based graphic arts studio

Sign installation on boardwalk


DogTooth Design specializes in creating interpretive signs, like those found on nature trails and in educational exhibits. With a background steeped in art history, our custom illustrations can combine old styles with new perspectives, adding a visual power to any sign’s narrative. (Though if a picture just needs whimsy, we can do that too!)

Every element of a project is addressed through our collaborative service, from planning to design to writing. Two decades of experience inform this process of taking complex topics and distilling them to their essence. We don’t just make pretty pictures—we communicate in a way that invites viewers to truly engage your unique message.

Other roles include: web designer, content manager, book illustrator and exhibit planner. References are gladly provided upon request.

Core Skills

  • Nature Illustration
  • Copy Writing
  • Topic Research
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Management
  • Installation Planning

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